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Starting Conversations that matter

Starting Conversations that matter

Starting Conversations that matterStarting Conversations that matter

Let's talk about the elephant in the room...

The CDC reports that more than half of women (69.5%) and men (53.6%) who have been physically or sexually abused, or stalked by a dating partner, first experienced abuse between the ages of 11-24.

When a young person is taught the warning signs of abuse, they are better able to recognize this behavior in their own relationships.  And when given the vocabulary to understand and explain abusive behavior, they are much more likely to develop good coping mechanisms, set boundaries, and ask for help. 

Unafraid Productions knows that by introducing these terms and concepts to  young people in a memorable, entertaining and relevant format, we are preparing them to have positive and healthy future relationships.


A field trip without leaving the classroom...

Our live productions are professional quality. We bring everything we need, right to your location.

Each script is written by our award winning founder and has been researched for accuracy, adapted for each age group and contains a meaningful lesson on a variety of subjects. Funny, sincere, and identifiable stories are performed by experienced actors and staged by our in house director. 


Fairy tales with purpose...

At Unafraid Productions, we give kids the tools and vocabulary they need to help recognize unhealthy relationships and empower them to voice their concerns, seek help and talk about... the elephant in the room. 

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