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Starting Conversations that matter

Starting Conversations that matter

Starting Conversations that matterStarting Conversations that matter

Unafraid Productions

Starting Conversations that Matter

Unafraid Productions is committed to raising awareness of relevant social and interpersonal issues facing today's children and young adults.


-Teach children and young adults how to recognize and avoid abusive relationships.

-Introduce and normalize terms that give voice to their concerns          










-Raise awareness of  community resources.


-By presenting short, original, entertaining and age appropriate plays of re-imagined fairy tales.

-Use humor, memorable dialogue and pop-culture references to engage adolescents and administrators alike.

-By conducting a round table discussion after the performance to open a non-judgmental and open dialogue with students and faculty.

-By offering take home literature on each covered topic and the local assistance available.

Meet our Board of Direct




Tammy Venable

Tammy is the President and founder of Unafraid. She also serves as the lead writer, having written four original plays that have been produced in the metroplex.  Her plays are known for addressing social issues and the need for change. Tammy has directed half a dozen shows featuring female leads and has performed  the leading roles in over fourteen productions in North Dallas.  Tammy wants to give back to the community by writing plays that protect and educate children about the dangers of the world.   She received her ADN from the the Nursing program at Southeast Missouri State University and has three beautiful children. Tammy lives in Plano, Texas. 




Ken Schwartz

Ken is the Treasurer of Unafraid Productions.  An attorney by day, he has a passion for theater, especially in how the best theater not only entertains but also teaches us a little about our humanity.  As a father of two highly theatrical teenagers, he's gotten to see firsthand the positive impact that theater experiences can have on younger people.  That experience serves and informs his belief in the mission and vision of Unafraid Productions.  Ken has also performed in many productions across DFW, in all kinds of shows and all kinds of roles.  He is a graduate of Williams College and Duke University School of Law.  


Vice President

Vice President

Deborah Barrax

Deborah is proud to be one of the founding members of Unafraid Productions, and  serves as the historian. She studied theatre in college, and has performed in various capacities in the community theatre world. Including  prop mistress, actress, stage manager, lighting and sound technician, among other things. She also served as president of the board of directors for a local community theatre. As a business owner, who works with young children, Deborah is keenly aware of and very  passionate about  the need to create a safe space within which important topics can be brought to light. Deborah is a resident of Sherman Texas.

Vice President

Vice President

Vice President

Sara Jones

Sara is the Vice President and one of the founding members of Unafraid Productions. She's been involved in theater for over 30 years as an actress and - more recently - a director and properties designer. As a survivor of emotional abuse and the mother of a preteen, she feels the messages delivered by UP are vital to the development of our children. 
Sara has included her son, Robert, in the research for Unafraid, and he is an honorary member.  Robert is in the 7th grade and they live in Plano.